About Us

Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA) is the only state trade association that educates and advocates for every segment of the lodging industry on important state legislative issues.

Incorporated in 1938 and now, 77 years later, we represent over 40,000 lodging rooms across the state and together we are stronger as our members lend strength in numbers to boost our legislative influence.

Our Mission

CHLA educates and advocates on issues that ensure the success of Colorado’s lodging industry, providing members with a diverse professional network.


We closely monitor legislation with an eye on keeping government OUT of your business...

CHLA exsists to support, promote and defend the lodging industry in Colorado and while it is sometimes difficult to illustrate the true ROI to a member property...often times, our worth is better measured by what is avoided rather than what happens.  Over the years, CHLA has soundly defeated proposed legislation that would have implemented taxes, surcharges or regulatory hardships on the lodging industry which could have been disastrous. 

  • We work with our contract lobbyist during the legislative session and on election years
  • We actively work with state agencies to include: Deptartment of Revenue, Department of Labor, Economic Developments, Council for the Arts, DORA, Department of Natural Resources, Utilities Commissions and Taskforces
  • We work to ensure a pro-business climate in Colorado that supports efforts to drive tourism and put heads in your beds
  • Work with a full team of lobbyists at the federal level proactively addressing issues like ADA, immigration, H2B visas, and more
  • Utilize and share expertise and resources to keep our industry smart, informed and proactive
  • Communicate the vital importance of the role the lodging industry plays in the overall success of Colorado’s economy.

Click here for a preview of what we're monitoring in 2015.


CHLA is a 501(c)6 non-profit professional trade association.  We are governed by a set of bylaws.  The board is responsible for setting policy and the staff administers the policy.

CHLA is a partner state association of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) at the national level.  Independent Colorado properties can choose to be a member of AH&LA by joining through CHLA or joining AHLA directly.  Chain properties join CHLA and then join AHLA through their franchises.