Legislative Fundraising

Through various events organized by CHLA, we annually continue to raise money to build our legislative funds which will be used on behalf of Colorado hotels to lobby on state and local issues.


2016 Fundraising Events Include...

  • March:  CHLA Delightful Dis hes & Dreamy Getaways (Denver Mariott City Center)

  • May: CHLA Golf "Meeting" (The Inverness Hotel & Golf Club)

  • July:  Hotel Hogs Ride (starts from the Sheraton Steamboat Resort & Villas)
  • August:  CHLA LodgePAC Golf Tournament (The Broadmoor)

To find more event details, please visit our calendar: Find Events


Future Plans for the Readiness Fund

  • Based on activity around the country, it is safe to assume that Colorado will soon be faced with many of the "local fights" that have taken place in other major cities.  These issues include an increased minimum wage of $15/hour and regulation of Short Term Online Rentals.  Both of these issues, if not properly managed and lobbied, could have dramatic and devastating impacts on Colorado hotels.  The Readiness Fund will provide us with the necessary resources to react quickly when such initiatives come to Colorado.
  • The cornerstone of CHLA's new strategic plan beginning in 2015, is an intensified focus on legislative and regulatory readiness.  As we navigate through the coming years, there are many issues that we know we will have to join the general business community in fighting and/or advocating for.  As with the "poison pill" initiatives, it takes large coalitions to fight for and against these issues and these funds are critical to ensuring CHLA’s spot at the table in a fast and impactful manner.