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Government Affairs Committee

Committee Chairs: Jeff Andrews, East West Resorts and Brad Robinette, Sage Hospitality

Overview: There are three areas to monitor – state legislative issues, regulatory issues (CDOT, Health dept, liquor dept), and federal issues. Our contract lobbying partner, Capitol Solutions, provides the association with guidance on state lobbying, campaign issues. AH&LA actively works at the federal level and there is a Legislative Action Summit meeting in Washington, DC in April where members of the committee are encouraged to attend.

The committee will work closely with the CHLA president and our contract lobbyist. You will help write letters, form grassroots support and testify on bills if needed. It is imperative that this committee knows and makes contact with their elected leaders. The committee will also monitor local issues and compliance issues that may arise from city councils, local health depts., state treasurers and local city governments and communicate that to CHLA so that it may provide assistance.

Meeting Schedule:

Quarterly meetings (in conjunction with board meetings) and occasional conference calls for action items and updates. This committee will work mostly by email communication.


Finance Committee

Committee Chair:  Jim Finnegan, Stout Street Hospitality

Overview: The role of the finance committee is to provide financial oversight for the organization. An outline of responsibilities appears below...

Budgeting and Financial Planning:

  • Develop an annual operating budget with staff.
  • Monitor adherence to the budget.
  • Set long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them.
  • Develop multi-year operating budgets that integrate strategic plan objectives and initiatives.
  • Present all financial goals and proposals to the board of directors for approval.


  • Work with staff to develop a list of desired reports noting the level of detail, frequency, deadlines, and recipients of these reports.
  • Work with staff to understand the implications of the reports.
  • Present the financial reports to the full board.

Internal Controls and Accountability Policies:

  • Create and update (as necessary) policies that help ensure the assets of the organization are protected.
  • Ensure policies and procedures for financial transactions are documented in a manual, and the manual is reviewed annually, and updated as necessary.
  • Ensure approved financial policies and procedures are being followed.

Although the entire board carries fiduciary responsibility for the organization, the finance committee serves a leadership role in this area, making sure appropriate internal control procedures for all financial transactions are documented in a manual and followed by staff.

Meeting Schedule:
Quarterly meetings and occasional conference calls for action items and updates. This committee will also work by email communication.


Legislative Fundraising Committee

Committee Chair: Scott Jones, Royal Crest Dairy

Overview: This committee is tasked with raising funds for the legislative readiness fund – a fund to support or fight ballot initiatives, legal challenges and to fund members of CHLA to attend important legislative meetings in Washington D.C. as needed. The main fundraiser for these efforts is held annually and is called the Delightful Dishes & Dreamy Getaways (DDDG) event in February.

The committee will also help oversee a golf event in May and possibly a third event or direct ask campaign. This committee will also do additional outreach via direct mail and calls to solicit donations and moneys for this important fund. 

Meeting Schedule:
Quarterly meetings (in conjunction with board meetings). This committee meets four times a year and conducts weekly calls leading up to the big DDDG event.


Membership Committee

Committee Chairs: Matt Anderson, DoubleTree by Hilton Denver - Stapleton North and Tom Mulholland, Executives by Sterling

Overview: To be a spokesperson for the association promoting membership in your community. To assist CHLA staff with generating and filtering leads, reaching out to non-members in your area and making phone calls to welcome new members, thank current members. This committee should have a clear understanding of the benefits and services that are offered through CHLA and should spend its first committee meeting reviewing those items. Part of the planning session will provide message points for the committee to use. This committee will also look for, and evaluate any new programs that could be considered for endorsement.

Secondly, this committee will work to identify and suggest speakers and topics for CHLA education programming throughout the year. Suggestions will be fed to staff for follow up and budget considerations.

Meeting Schedule:
Quarterly in-person meetings (in conjunction with board meetings), and bi-monthnly conference calls as necessary.


Allied Committee

Overview: This committee is made up entirely of Allied members and is chaired by the Allied Board of Directors: Tom Povich, Leanna Sander, Simon Melser and Tom Mullholand.  The committee will have quarterly conference call/meetings and be in regular contact providing feedback to CHLA on how they can help the Allied member segment. The committee will help to plan social events (usually in and around quarterly board meetings and conferences).

Meeting Schedule:
Committee meets with the Membership Committee during quarterly meetings (in conjunction with board meetings). Committee to set schedule for conference calls and other meetings as needed.


Condo Resort Council

(unlimited number of participants)

Overview: This council will meet twice a year, usually in conjunction with the Summer Meeting and Annual Conference in the fall. The objective of this group is to share information and learn from experts who understand the unique needs of this segment. The group will also be a sounding board for any proposed legislation or regulatory issues that may arise, so that the association is representing the interests and positions of this group.

Meeting Schedule:
Conference calls as needed and then a half day meeting in June and a second meeting during the CHLA Annual Conference in November. CHLA staff will send out updates and information via email on a regular basis.


Metro Denver Lodging Council

Committee Chair:  Bill Ninivaggi, Denver Marriott City Center

Overview: CHLA’s Metro Denver Lodging Council (MDLC), was formed to monitor legislative issues that pertain specifically to Metro Denver Area hotels and businesses, while continuing to work directly with our local lobbyists at CRL Associates. 

The council membership consists of bi-monthly luncheons which include speakers of interest on topics that affect the local community. Luncheon topics include legislative issues, tax issues, transportation issues, new developments in the metro area and more.

This council does require a small fee to participate, which is inclusive of admission for one representative from the participating property or allied company to attend all luncheon events in the Denver Metro Area.

Leadership: This council will have its own separate board that will oversee financials, help plan luncheon events and speaking topics, oversee fundraising efforts for local legislative issues, as well as oversee a scholarship fund that helps local college students who are working toward earning a degree in a hospitality related field.

Meeting Schedule:

February 9, 2016 – Legislative Update Luncheon & Council Particulars
April 12, 2016 – Metro Denver Infrastructure Update   
June 16, 2016 - Luncheon with Denver City Council Members  
August 9, 2016 – Budgeting Update with the Rocky Mountain Lodging Report   
October 11, 2016 - Visit Denver State of the City Update
December 13, 2016 – Holiday Reception/Dinner

*Email CHLA at for more details on this newly formed council and separate application process for participation.


Government Affairs Legislative Review Taskforce

Committee Chairs: Jeff Andrews, East West Resorts and Brad Robinette, Sage Hospitality

Overview: This group will be tasked with reviewing bills that we are monitoring during the legislative session and help determine CHLA’s positioning on each issue.

Meeting Schedule:
Taskforce will meet primarily via conference calls and through email communications; occasional in-person meetings as needed.


Student Scholarship Taskforce

Overview: CHLA administers a joint scholarship program annually entitled the Colorado Hospitality Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is comprised of three funding streams that provide scholarships to college students who are earning a degree in a hospitality related field; those three funds include the Karl W. Mehlmann Fund, Metro Denver Lodging Council Fund and the Hospitality Human Resource Association Fund. Together the funds equal approximately $20,000 each year to award.

This group will be tasked with reviewing the scholarship applications, scoring and determining the award recipients for the coming academic year.

Taskforce participants include lodging industry leaders, as well as representatives from various collegiate institutions.

Meeting Schedule:
Scholarship applications are available each year for students around early March and the task force will meet in early May to review and determine the scholarship awards. We usually receive 35-40 applications each year.


Stars of the Industry Taskforce

Committee Chair:  David Craig, C Lazy U Ranch

Overview: The Stars of the Industry Employee Awards Program is a chance to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the lodging industry.  It honors lodging employees and properties that best symbolize quality service in this industry.   The program is offered through the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) as well as through partner state associations, such as the Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA) to honor the best and brightest stars both at the national and local level.

Colorado state winners will be announce each year at the fall Annual Conference and then CHLA will submit the winners for consideration (in the spring) for national honors at the AHLA Conference. All state entries for national honors can only go through CHLA.

An outline of taskforce responsibilities appears below:

  • Once CHLA staff receives all final nominations, they will coordinate the information and distribute for the taskforce members to review.
  • Half the group will score the "Supervisory" categories and the other half will take the "Non-Supervisory" categories. Within those categories there is 11 different sub-categories (i.e. front of the house, back of the house, culinary, housekeeping, etc.) that determines which area of the hotel the nominee is being recognized for.
  • We usually average around 200 nominations from across the state in total…so that means that each group will read through approximately 100 nominations from those two overarching categories throughout the various departments.
  • Group members will read through the nominations and score them according to the metrics that will be provided.
  • Group members will submit their final scores to staff (electronically) to tabulate before we meet. The taskforce will then meet at the CHLA office to determine the award recipients in each category based on the highest scores.

Meeting Schedule: 
Nominations for this program are sent out in July and the group usually meets to determine award recipients in September.


Participants in these groups must be members of CHLA.  If you are a member and would like to get involved, please email